A Relaxing Beach Holiday Is Sure To Be Enjoyed By The Whole Family

By Damian Papworth

A beach holiday is likely to be the most relaxing. When families leave their time unplanned it allows the opportunity for most relaxation. These families may choose to see some of the local sites only if they feel like it at the moment.

People today spend so much time at work, and most are quite stressed about meeting deadlines and quotas. For some, vacation seems like anything but relaxing. These are the folks that feel the need to plan every day right down to the hour, and even the minute. A trip to the beach allows for a more laid back time. This freedom to do nothing is more than a bit desirable to these folks.

People become accustomed to lying in the sun, listening to the sound of the waves, and feeling the sand between their toes. There is nothing quite like this to get people in touch with nature. Watching the children running and playing in the sand will remind anyone of their own fond childhood memories. Many will want to stay forever.

Without question this is the best place to find the freshest seafood. Steamers, clams, fish and chips, and even lobster can be found just about everywhere. From fine dining to seaside shacks there is definitely a lot of seafood. People will also have the option of dressing casually. This is even acceptable to some point in the finer restaurants, as most are used to vacationers arriving in shorts and sandals. Without a doubt this is a relaxing environment.

People who want to have a closer look at the life will find chartered boat excursions available. Generally these will include a captain and crew, so that even the least experienced sailors will have the opportunity for snorkeling, fishing, or just exploring. Dinner cruises are also quite popular, and can accommodate the smallest to the largest family.

One thing that people do not want to forget to bring is a camera. They will want to capture all the memories of this fund family vacation on film. It is also an opportunity to take some of the best photographs. The beach is the perfect location for this.

Aquariums, boardwalks, and arcades will frequently be found at the beach. People will have the chance to have some fun without having to travel a great distance. Some families may decide to go a bit further to see the sights. This choice is perfect for days when the weather is uncooperative. Some may also choose to see a movie or go bowling.

To make a beach holiday the best vacation ever just remember to bring bathing suits, towels, and sunscreen - 31498

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Selecting The Appropriate Kitesurfing Equipment

By Griffin Dunne

To experience all the thrills and excitement of adventure water sport- try out Kite surfing. It's been around since the 80's and the advent can be dated to as far back as the 13th century. It used to be known as kite sailing and surprisingly was used as a fast means of transport.

While acquiring proper skills to practice the sport, you will also become acquainted with all the kitesurfing gear in use at present. Sophisticated technology has brought out a number of devices which ensure maximum safety to the surfer. The main components are the control devices, lines, surf board, a kite and needless to say the surfer. Most devices have detailed manuals providing all information on all features.

As mentioned earlier, the control devices like the control bar is mainly responsible for the proper balancing of the kite. You have the option of using either a two line or a four line control bar to maneuver your kite. Above all, there is one vital part known as the dead man's safety release system which can stop the kite's actions in case of unforeseen circumstances. The surfer can make use of the two types of lines available according to his choice. The four line system scores over the two line system because of the better safety features attached to it. But the two line system can be easily handled especially by anyone new to the sport.

The lines used come in two varieties namely the two line system and the four line kind. Most surfers go for the four line type because of the increased safety features it has but fact is, the two line system is quite simple to decipher and serves to be a better learning tool.

Get your gear from quality outlets which also provide at least a year's warranty. Kite surfing demo kits are available in most stores which you can try out to find out which one actually suits you. Price matters but never go for unknown brands priced less which may prove detrimental to your safety. Pay careful attention to the length of the lines lest they turn out too long or sharp. Controlling the lines also calls in for a great deal of practice on the part of the surfer. Collect tips from locals and experts on the various aspects of the sport and the necessary gear. Even the size of the kite needs to be carefully chosen depending on the prevailing weather conditions. A lot of risks can be done away with and even lives can be saved with use of safe and standard kite surfing gear. So, all adventure freaks, summon up all the energy, stamina and confidence bubbling inside you, collect all equipment with proper safety instructions and give yourself an exciting kite surfing treat! - 31498

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Getting That Adrenaline Rush With Extreme Sports

By Damian Papworth

Are you a keen sports-person but are wanting to branch out a little bit and start trying out some more adrenaline filled extreme sports to really get your heart pumping. Extreme sports are pretty much those that are defined by the fact that they truly give an adrenaline rush, and not necessarily those that are too dangerous and will cause a lot of injury. Road cycling, for example, is something that leads to many injuries but is not considered extreme at all.

So what are some common extreme sports that you could try?

Well, one of the best would certainly have to be sky diving. This may not be a sport that people will commonly get involved with on a regular basis and then go and compete at, but it certainly is one of the most extreme activities that you could try. Just think of what you are doing - hurling yourself out of a plane which is travelling at high speeds thousands of feet above the ground. Is anything is going to get your heart pumping it will most certainly be this!

If you want to try to gain a similar sensation of leaping through the air but would rather not pay the high costs that are often associated with sky-diving you could instead opt for bungee jumping. In many ways this is something that is ever more nerve wracking than jumping from a plane, as the sensation of the ground rushing towards you is even more real.

Something that you can certainly try and that will not cost too much to do and can be done on a regular basis is rock climbing. This is something that has a great range and you might simply be scaling a short wall with all of the right protection and safety equipment, or you could be climbing up a vertical cliff without anything but your own guts. At the top end of the scale, this is a sport that doesn't get any more extreme.

There are also more standard sports that are also considered extreme due to their nature and yet are practiced by all sorts of people around the world. Things like snowboarding and surfing are commonly done and yet are extreme because they involve the risk of danger, and really get the hear pumping fast.

These are just some of the many extreme sports out there for you to try. - 31498

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The Best Places In The World For A Beach Holiday

By Damian Papworth

When we think about where to go on our beach holiday there are lots of considerations to make, of course. One of the main ones will be budget and the distance of travel from where you live. As such certain tropical spots around the world might be largely off limits for you, unless it is that once in a lifetime trip that you have been waiting to go on. Taking all considerations out, lets think about some of the best places in the world for a beach holiday.

First up, we all know that the Maldives is one of the closest places that you can get to heaven on earth that you will ever be able to find. Commonly this has been known as a top location for couples and newlyweds, and it is plain to see why. You are able to relax in one of the thousands of small islands without any hustle and bustle and can simply look out as the sun goes down with other beautiful island droplets in the distance. Truly stunning.

Second of all, the islands down in the South Pacific are also similarly stunning. Any place such as the Cook island and Fiji where you have dotted islands in a larger group always turn up the most beautiful beach sites you can imagine. Sitting on your own beach and then looking to a nearby island with another beautiful beach is truly awe inspiring.

Third of all, the beaches that surround the coast of Thailand and the other countries of Indochina are also absolutely stunning. These are perhaps more conducive to a family holiday or holidays with friends rather than for couples. Getting there may be expensive, but once there you will find that living is cheap and as such can live very comfortable on a fairly meagre budget.

Forth of all, the Whitsundays in Australia. Australia itself has so many beautiful beaches dotted all around its enormous coastline, but if you are looking for true perfection then the Whitsunday islands right at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef is an ideal spot. In particular, the beach of Whitehaven has regularly seem itself right at the top of bolls of the most beautiful beaches and this really has to be seen to be believed.

The list does continue on for as long as your arm and at the end of the day the main consideration you will have to make when choosing where to go will be what you want to do and the budget you have to work with.

Whatever you are after, as long as you have the budget to suffer it, you will find some superb locations that world over. - 31498

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It Is Official: Costa Rica is First For Satisfaction Of Life

By Victor C. Krumm

Disneyworld claims to be the "happiest place on earth" but the most satisfying place to live on the planet is officially tiny Costa Rica, winner of the Happy Planet Index.

The Index measures three things: high life expectancy, high life satisfaction, and a low ecological footprint. 143 countries were rated, representing 99 per cent of the world's population, and Costa Rica came out on top---by a lot.

The Index asked :1. What is a country's life expectancy ( premise: it is better to live longer than die young)? 2. How satisfied are a country's people with the quality of their life (premise: living longer but miserably is not very satisfying)? and 3. What is the cost to the planet (premise: sustainable development is better than exhausting resources)?

Most of us assume that the richest, most developed countries should be at the top but it just is not so. In fact, the developed nations fall somewhere in the middle. Great Britain comes in at at 74th place and the U.S. is way back in 114th place.

The difference between Costa Rica and the USA is striking. Costa Ricans live longer than Americans (health care is nationalized, nearly free, and universal in Costa Rica), report much higher levels of life satisfaction (they are very happy with their life), and yet have a carbon footprint which is less than a quarter the size of the States.

It is no accident that Costa Rica is at the top of the rankings The country is committed to sustainable development. While the Western world, China and India are committed to relying upon nonrenewable, nonsustainable resources (think oil) that are exhausting the planet's resources and contributing to serious global pollution and warming, 99% of Costa Rica's energy is completely renewable and sustainable. As developed countries dither about how to address power needs and meet the challenges of pollution and global warming, tiny Costa Rica has taken action. More than two decades ago, at a time when so many other countries were cutting and burning their forests, Costa Rica decided to go the opposite direction and now there are 20% more forested areas. Presciently, it has long denied oil drilling off its shores, choosing sustainability over exhaustion. And, in 2007 it became the first country to commit to being completely carbon neutral by 2021.

Costa Rica's per capita income is only about $11,000, but it is the #1 place in the world for life satisfaction. Other countries can endlessly debate all the ways things cannot be done or rethink their model. - 31498

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Looking For A Great Costa Rica Vacation, Try Jaco!

By Victor Krumm

Jaco is a small, vibrant town in Costa Rica and a very popular place for students wanting some fun during spring break or summer vacation. But, not just students. Today, tourists from around the world visit Jaco year-round, though December to May are considered "high season" (the most people, the highest accommodation costs). Whatever month you want to visit, the Jaco area is the place to go for sun, great beaches and activities.

About a two hour drive from San Jose, this bustling town sits on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. For many years, it has been one the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, in large part because of its nightlife. Its reputation as a fantastic "party beach" is now well known.

Only about half a dozen years ago, Jaco was still pretty laid back and quaint. Not so much anymore. With tourists came more bars, restaurants, and shopping centers. They were followed by developers: more hotels, more resorts, and now towering high rises. But, the beaches remain---and they are still spectacular.

Fortunately, Jaco isn't just a great location for people who have lots of money. Indeed, it caters to any budget. There are hotels and accommodations ranging from luxurious to, well, basic (think hostels with dorms and cold water---but cheap). Restaurants of every kind have sprung up here as well, not to mention tropical bars and taverns.

Jaco Beach sits directly in front of Jaco and is very, very popular but , in my opinion, nearby beaches just a couple of miles or kilometers away, are much better. There are fewer people and the waters are some of the purest on earth. The best beaches are awarded Blue Flag ecological certifications for cleanliness. When you vacation in Jaco, I strongly recommend going to spectacular Hermosa Beach, a couple of miles south of Jaco. Though it is not good for safe swimming due to its currents, it is pristine and pure with some of the best surfing on the planet. How good is the surfing? Think world class. Indeed, this July professional surfers from more than 35 countries are descending upon Hermosa to participate in a week of world surfing championships. Watch them during the days or party with them at night in Jaco.

There are dozens of different things to do and innumerable places to visit close at hand. Costa Rica is tiny but filled with interesting places and activities. Go whitewater rafting or learn to sea kayak. Take a horseback ride along the beach or through the mountains (if you're into extreme riding, you can literally ride across Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Caribbean). Visit volcanoes, sit in volcanic hot springs, try rappelling in tropical mountains, go ballooning. Or just sit back and enjoy the great ocean views and beautiful, romantic sunsets. But, take care when swimming. Some of the beaches, wonderful for surfing, can be dangerous for swimming because of riptides. There are no lifeguards---and no warning signs---so ask if it is safe to swim before jumping in.

And, if you exhaust all the other activities (probably pretty difficult), don't forget that you can also experience great off shore fishing. The warm, tropical waters are alive with marlin, tuna, sailfish, porpoises, dozens of other varieties, and often whales. But, whatever your tastes, Jaco is definitely a wonderful place to take your vacation.

Though it is easy to reach by air, Costa Rica remains to be discovered. Columbus was the first to find it and, indeed, gave it its name "Rich Coast." It remains a spectacular haven with one-fifth of every species of plant and animal on the planet residing together in a tiny little country. So, don't limit yourself to the beaches of Jaco. There's lots more waiting. - 31498

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Simply Amazing Surf Spots

By Alexis Kurt

Surfing is a wonderful sport. Getting into water and riding on waves is a great experience. I have personally tried many different beaches and pools to get the best experience of surfing. I practice a lot in surfing and have noticed the most important thing that is not good in all the famous surfing spots. It is that there are many people that come for surfing and due to this it becomes mess.

By keeping this thing in mind I will share some places with you that are best for surfing and are not crowded. The following beaches that I am going to are not famous beaches and you will not find much crowd there but if you look at these beaches you will find that the waves are best for surfing. Just have a look at some of the beaches.

The first secret place is in Honolulu, Hawaii. Amazed? Yes it is. I know that Hawaii has been surfed to death but there are some secret places where you can surf. When you go a little way to the downtown you will get to know that numerous small surf spots. To reach to these spots you have to go through a bit dangerous track. When the waves pick up its pace, these spots become the best surfing spots. Locals hardly know about these places.

The second secret place for surfing is Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, Philippines. This spot is mostly used for surfing competitions. It is not in the same area. You have to go far away from your place. It takes four to five hours to reach there. It is the best surfing places in the country for those who love surfing. But the people who know about this place do not reveal it to anybody just because of the fear of the place will become crowded. This place is basically in a small town so do not expect that you will find a five star hotel there. Otherwise the people of the town are very much friendly. They help you a lot. The best time to enjoy there is from November to January as in these months you will find high waves.

The third interesting place for surfing is Oahu, Hawaii. This place is not too much crowded because it is also far off. Getting to this place is also a challenge but once you reach there you will get beautiful high waves regularly trying to touch the sky. It is best if you go there in summers as the waves there reach to its peak.

Last but not the least is Lake Michigan in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Here the water is so cold that you will find ice at some points in the water. It is basically a challenging place for surfers. The first thing is because if the cold water and the warm water will meet it will create a tide and second is due storms which create high tides. If you like to take challenges and a daring person then this place is best for you.

If you are looking someone to teach you surfing then the beaches of Portugal, France, Spain, Ireland, and Canary Islands, beaches of Costa Rica, California, Hawaii or Brazil are the best option.

For further detains and getting more information about surfing you can take the help of internet. There you will find each and every detail. - 31498

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